有句話是這樣說的,騙子多是因為傻子多,這句話贊同也不贊同。對于現在的社會而言,騙子數量在不斷增加,好人可能在一瞬間成為壞人,就因為利益的驅使,當今社會,有錢才是硬道理。在這種情況下,不少人就走了歪路,今天就和大家分享一下一些騙術,出門在外,誰都不容易,不要輕易被被人騙了。(There is a saying like this. The scammers are mostly because of idiots. This sentence agrees or disagrees. For the present society, the number of scammers is increasing, and good people may become bad people in a moment. Because of the interests, in today’s society, money is the last word. Under this circumstance, many people have gone astray. Today, I will share some scams with you. It is not easy for anyone to go out. Don’t be fooled.)


1.國際詐騙(International fraud)


(Listening to the name is tall, but in fact many people will be deceived. Liars usually get close to you on some social platforms, send photos, very handsome and woody, and international friends, I rub, feel refreshed. Let’s talk about it, in case it is together? Well, after getting familiar with this, international friends began to care about all kinds of things. This point of attention, come here to tell you how much money is there, really low, such people can be skipped at first, rich people or successful people, will not put too much time on social, more I won’t be chatting with you all the time, so keep this in mind. Even if they have a lot of time, there will be better arrangements, even if they are doing big health care. Well, after getting familiar with it, they will start to plan according to the plan. First, reduce the distance between you and gain trust. After the next step, buy a variety of high-end gifts, to see you, usually talk about business only, put a photo of a gift, Emma! This person is really generous, all kinds of famous brands, happiness is dead… Then there is the ticket, all kinds of things are ready, just for the last glimpse, then the problem comes, I am on the plane is cash or other things are deducted, If you have to pay the money, you can ask for it. If you ask for help, the general amount will not be very large, but it will not be too small. If you remit it, you will be in the middle. If you encounter this situation, don’t hesitate, the probability of 1% is true. Don’t be afraid to regret it. This is fraud. Anyway, it is generally called remittance. It is OK to not remit it over the past, because normal people will not do this.)

2.寂寞在作怪(Loneliness is at work)


(In fact, in the eyes of many people, the comrades circle is YYP. What is the number of true love? Now there are quite a lot of social software, and it’s easy to get a gun. Then the problem is coming. A handsome photo, whether middle-aged or young, isn’t it exciting when you are hungry? Three times and five divided by two, the place will be agreed in an instant, in the evening or during the day can be indulged, remember, in this case, try not to go to the other party, or the other party said to open a good room, try not to go, really want to Send, address randomly selected, can not spend a few dollars, it will be a matter of hours, until you go to a group of people to block the door and regret it is too late. This kind of situation belongs to all over the net and can be prevented, but it cannot be determined 100%. Therefore, the most important thing is that I have more vigilance. The amount is not large. Some people do not have this face alarm. This is the psychology of the people they seize. Do whatever you want.)

3.殺豬盤(Pig harrow)


(Said two points of dating, then it is life, big pigs. As the name implies, it is the establishment of the bureau. The slaughter is a pig. It used to appear on the mahjong table or poker. In a nutshell, a group of people are engaged in you, and have been losing all the time. Are you bad luck? Don’t be stupid, being a pig should still be degraded…….. Now there are fewer bureaus. The average person will not be fooled. You can only use drugs to keep you losing, but you always want to play until you lose. I also signed a huge amount of debt. Of course, to prevent this situation, it is to not gamble, relying on gambling can have a few people to make a fortune, small gambling is a big gambling injury. This early year, now, has been upgraded to a network killing pig. Now all kinds of time on the Internet, a variety of guess sizes, all kinds of real people. Real-life video, there is a feeling of a Macau casino, high-end atmosphere. Usually this kind of someone has to pull you. Generally there are several situations.)


(pretend to be rich and handsome, or Bai Fumei, add you, then chat with you, all kinds of pictures of luxury cars on the Internet, let you think he is a rich man, and then slowly tell you about gambling , micro-disk, always color, what knows the loopholes, how much can be earned, but generally have the ability to control themselves will not play. Handsome to the slag, the United States to do not want the same blacklist lying, self-control and poor will not analyze things, hooked up. Next, I will wait to help people count the money and pay the money.)

②偽裝是常用手法,人都個一個心理,有錢人或者成功人士主動搭訕,心理防線會低一些,很容易被攻破,還有就是裝作大佬,尼瑪,我研究時時彩十幾年,要出什么我說了算,不相信,大打屎你也不相信。不相信就來試試,進我的群,是時候展示真正的技術了,進群里面很活躍的說,各種曬圖,各種贏錢,拖的不要太明顯,一般就是讓你開戶,小試牛刀,跟著我買,沒錯的。果然,贏錢了喂,再來,又贏,尼瑪,好喜歡這種躺贏的感覺,之后輸輸贏贏,反正不虧,干脆玩大一點,哦豁,又贏了,不想收手你來咬我啊。嗯,上癮了吧,那么就讓你出血了。輸到你懷疑人生,錢不夠 辦?我要把本贏回來..那么這時候就有貸款服務,利息可想而知,反正高利貸又不能怎么樣,網絡上任何與賭有關輸贏都是后臺可操作的,研究幾十年?說的我都相信了…..當然,土豪隨意,你樂意去輸錢咱也不能攔著你,只是奉勸大家天上不會掉餡餅,自己辛辛苦苦掙的錢,輕輕松松被別人拿去,呵呵了

(camouflage is a common technique, people are all psychological, rich people or successful people take the initiative to take the initiative, the psychological defense line will be lower, it is easy to be broken, there is pretending to be a big sister, Nima, I study time and color for more than ten years I have to say what I want, I don’t believe it, you don’t believe it. Do not believe it, try it, enter my group, it is time to show the real technology, into the group is very active, all kinds of pictures, all kinds of winning, dragging not too obvious, generally let you open an account, small Try the knife and follow me to buy it, that’s right. Sure enough, I won the money, I will win again, and I will win again. Nima, I really like the feeling of lying and winning. After that, I lose and win. Anyway, I won’t lose money. Just play bigger, oh, win, and don’t want to stop you. Bit me. Well, addictive, then let you bleed. Lose your doubts about life, not enough money? I want to win this book back.. Then there is loan service at this time, the interest can be imagined, anyway, the usury can not be anyway, any gambling-related wins and losses on the network are operational in the background, research for decades? I believe that I said….. Of course, the local tyrants are free, you are willing to lose money, you can’t stop you, just advise everyone that you won’t lose the pie in the sky, and the hard-earned money is easily Others take it, hehe)

4.各種中獎信息(Various winning information)

這個low到爆的騙術,小孩子都騙不到,但是還是有人要去相信。各種火熱節目場外抽獎,iphone X有木有。9999現金有木有,大獎就在眼前,只差完善信息,身份證,電話號,銀行卡,家庭住址,甚至親人聯系方式,完善好了,就等著拿錢了…臥槽,怎么還要手續費????反正不多,交一波,哦豁,一去不復返,還把資料給人家套去了,然后就是各種賣,我是破了不交就行了,人家也還有一手,就是要起訴,我天,你把傳票寄到我手里還看我高不高興搭理你,還更希望趕緊的起訴,報警……

(This low-to-explosive trick, children can’t lie, but there are still people who want to believe. Various hot programs off-site draws, iphone X has wood. 9999 cash has wood, the grand prize is in front of you, only the perfect information, ID card, phone number, bank card, home address, and even the contact information of relatives, perfect, just waiting to take money … lying, how Also have a handling fee? ? ? ? Anyway, not much, paying a wave, oh, no return, but also the information to others, and then all kinds of selling, I broke the line, and people have one hand, is to sue I am in the sky, you sent the summons to my hand and still see that I am unhappy to take care of you, but also hope to sue quickly, the police…)


(This post will be constantly updated, written only to let everyone not be deceived, more vigilance in their lives, do not let the swindlers sneak into the situation, emotionally encountered, find a good friend or @Our customer service, the heart will be more comfortable, Don’t talk to strangers casually. If you meet a good person, you will comfort you. If you encounter a bad person, you will be finished. Since he is like a liar, he will not care about your birth and living environment. As long as you can get the money from your hand, it will be OK. If life finally reaches some other scammers, you can also submit to QQ customer service, we try to improve the information.)


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